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There are two sides to our minds – the ‘linear’ or conscious mind and the ‘multi-dimensional’ or sub conscious mind.

When you join these two sides you have Thought Empowerment. Learning to integrate both sides of your mind is the key.

Linear Mind

Our linear mind is our reasoning mind. It is what we have been expanding consciously since the day we were born. When we learn to write or read we are implementing our linear mind. Our linear mind is what our school grades are based upon and what we learn in everyday living in our physical world. Learning through others or by trial and error our mind can reason a predictable outcome.

Multi-Dimensional Mind

The multi-dimensional mind goes beyond linear reasoning. Learning to expand our multi-dimensional mind takes courage to go beyond what is “reasonable” to occasionally do things that seem “un-reasonable”. This entails training our minds to think in an expanded consciousness – some call it intuition or synchronicity.

Lorrie can help you by letting go of the past and moving into the future with Knowledge that you CAN create what you want in your life.

Training Both Sides of Your Mind for Success

It is easy to understand the linear mind since this is what we have based most of our lives on. To accomplish anything, we understand we need to acquire the physical skills and knowledge required to perform a function to the level of our desired outcome. We can all do most functions by focusing on what we want to do and putting forth the required time and effort to learn about it and physically take action to do it. Although we can learn to perform the function, it does not mean we will perform it well or successfully. What is that added ingredient that creates success? Besides the differences with physical skill or aptitude – why is it some people are just more successful in life?

Learning to utilize your multi-dimensional mind may be the answer. There are many books written on the power of your mind and thoughts. By focusing on what we want and setting goals, putting forth the required time and taking deliberate action and by training your mind with the positive thoughts you think; you can become successful. Training your mind toward success and taking deliberate action is the key. Basically, we become what we think about.

Take a look at the video below by Earl Nightingale as he talks about success.

Recommended Mind Reading List:

There are many great books on expanding the power of your mind. My favorites and top recommendations are listed below. I am passionate about learning and am an avid reader. I believe we are all students and teachers. Our lives are shaped by the people who inspire us; by sharing their lives through actions, thoughts or words.

View the List

Tool for Increasing Mind Power

One of the tools for increasing the power of your mind is integrating the conscious and subconscious mind with this same goal and belief. This is why a vision board or vision book is so important. It allows your subconscious mind to receive with multiple senses the message of success. Taking this concept a step further is the mind success video. Enjoy this video and watch it daily to open your multi-dimensional mind!

You can have it all and Lorrie is the one to show you how to balance, Love, marriage, children, soul commitment, financial security, and live the life you were intended to bring to this world we live in.

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