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There are two sides of money – the “practical” nuts and bolts of money and the spiritual side to money. When you join these two sides you have Money Empowerment. Learning to integrate both sides of money is the key.

Practical Money

Learning the practical side of money is like learning how to bake a cake. You start with a few ingredients; a money plan, cash flow analysis, income and expense management. Once you have mastered the basic ‘recipe’ you can get fancier. You can expand into investing, asset allocation, tax management, business creation and more. Money is simply a unit of measure, whether in dollars, yuan, pesos, yen, gold or silver. Knowing you control your money and your money doesn’t control you is imperative.

Spiritual Money

The spiritual side of money starts with knowing you are not your money or the stuff it buys. Your house, car, or money in the bank does not define your value. Money, like everything in the universe, is simply energy. Learning to attract this energy is important. Like a magnet, you can either attract or repel money, depending on your relationship with it. Believing this unseen energy exists and learning how to feel the shift of attraction is an amazing experience!

Lorrie’s Money Mastery Class reinforced all I have learned and built on it! Lorrie has a great way of expressing the energy of money has and how to attract it to you, not repel it from you. Her analogies are brilliant. As a teacher, she is delightful and helps you look at thinks in a different way and from an angle you hadn’t thought of before.

Recommended Money Reading List:

There are many great books both sides of money. My favorites and top recommendation are listed below. I am passionate about learning and am an avid reader. I believe we are all students and teachers. Our lives are shaped by the people who inspire us; by sharing their lives through actions, thoughts and words.

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Tool for Increasing Abundance

One of the energetic principles to money abundance is to align the conscious and subconscious minds with this same goal and belief. This is why a vision board or vision book is so important. It allows your subconscious mind to receive with multiple senses the message of abundance. Taking this concept a step further is the abundance video. Enjoy this video and watch it daily and watch yourself open your subconscious mind to receiving abundance!

Lorrie encouraged me to take intuitive action toward investments, and it seems the money came quickly and more easily than I ever imagined. She has kept me accountable to myself, taught me new skills, and reminded me to value myself in the highest regard.

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