Grandmother’s Wisdom – Thriving in Changing Times

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We are in crazy times!! Could you imagine your spirit choosing to be here at this time? The Challenges we are facing are not for the faint of heart or faith.   However, as the saying goes, “Nothing is an accident!”

So if you are intended to be here at this time, what could possibly be the reason for this?

Together, let’s take a deep dive into this question.

How could you expand and thrive in these times?

What are the tips and tricks to get you through this?

Let me share my “Grandmother’s wisdom”.

She taught me these lessons while on earth and continues to teach me from the other side.

In addition to her extraordinary wisdom, these lessons also come from an intuitive connection with my High Priestess sensei in Japan, and my Kupuna teacher in Hawaii.

We are in explosive, life changing, historical times – drastic change is coming to many aspects of life.  However, I believe if you can align your energy it will be easier for you.  I do not want to say it will be easy, because it will be challenging for most.

There will be some who will actually face the challenges and thrive in these times.

Will this be you?




Lesson Two

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Lesson Three

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Lesson Four

Part One Part Two Exercise One Exercise Two Exercise Three   Steps to Ho’oponopono   *I will send you a free 2×2” card with these steps to keep with you as a reminder of the steps for this forgiveness energy tool. Just send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Lorrie Febus PO Box 598 Hobart,Wa 98025 Re: Ho’oponopono