Live Life In The Wonderland Of Adventure

For a few years I had season tickets with friends to the Paramount Theater, one of the oldest theaters in Seattle.  The theater opened in 1928 and was part of the roaring twenties.  It’s historically beautiful with old world opulence and charm.  This was always a fun night of dinner with friends and then to the theater to be ‘whisked’ away into a wonderland of adventure.

Just imagine if we lived each day like our lives are this wonderland of adventure!  Play along with me and follow the steps to this daily practice to bring fun and adventure to your life and increase your vibration.

Step One:  Before you rise out of your bed – decide who your character will be today. Imagine your character, based on the activities of your day.  What character do you intend to be on this day?  The fun loving creative who is spending the day writing?  The 50’s style Mom who will be baking treats for her kid after school?  The high powered business person closing a big deal? The best friend who is helping her BFF through a hard time?

Step Two: Once you have decided on your character, you can now set the stage.  What does she do when she pops out of bed?  Does she dress in a power suit, or a comfy pair of jeans?  Imagine your screen play in your mind.  Where do you go?  What is the best outcome for this character? Who are you scheduled to be with?  What is on your agenda? Are you trying to achieve a particular goal and if so, how?  What is the biggest problem, obstacle, or fear facing this character?  In your story, do you succeed or fail in getting what you want?  How does the failure or success affect the character?   Create your time line for this day and set your intention.

Step Three:  Have fun in the adventure!
Set a fun goal or objective. For example:
The objective on this day is to find the most interesting person and have a conversation.
The objective could be to overcome the problem like a super hero!
The objective could be to look for how many funny things you can find in the day.
The objective could be how many people you can help.

One day I decided on this last objective, and had so much fun with it.  I opened doors, returned shopping carts, even offered to help someone carrying an armload of groceries to her car!  She was so happy and said it was the nicest thing that happened to her all week! That was a fun day!

Just remember your location is the stage and all the ‘stuff’ around you are just props.  The money, the job, your house and car, other people; all part of the play.  Find something that inspires you and go with it!  What happens to your character and storyline?

To quote Shakespeare from ‘As you Like It’:

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts.”