Prospering in Challenging Economic Times

Everything is spiritual. Money is spiritual.

Money has an energy all its own. The energy of money is very adaptive.

Money takes on the energy you bestow upon it. You will prosper in the current economy, if you align yourself with the upcoming changes and focus on prosperity. Conversely, you will have challenges in this economy, if you fear the coming collapse. The challenges of the economy will continue, as the great energy shift is occurring. The energy on our planet earth is vibrating at a higher rate and with this comes energy shifts to things on Earth. This energy is creating big shifts in the weather, our world financial system and a shift in us. This personal shift often reveals as a desire for seeking out something more meaningful or fulfilling. I call this discovering your destiny.

Each of us has a destiny to discover and to share with those who need to be touched by your fulfillment of YOUR destiny to discover THEIR own destiny. We all need each other, a web of loving inter relationships. When our time here on earth is done, most people say it is not all the stuff we acquired or accolades we remember. We treasure the time we spent with others, sharing our lives. Do your destiny. Go for it. Dare to be as magnificent as you intended when you came onto this earth! Doing what you love or are inspired to do is a sure way to survive this economy. Turn what you love into $10 this week, then $25 next week, and maybe $100 this month. Doing what inspires you and increases your own personal energy and vibration. This will keep you in alignment with the higher vibration coming in right now.

Here are some practical tips to blossom in these times:

  • Know the energy of money takes on the physical shape of your words, thoughts and beliefs about money. Retrain your money blue print by listing your limiting beliefs, and looking for the new beliefs you want to program into your being. List these new beliefs and read them 3 times a day (upon rising, mid day, and right before bed).
  • Know that you control your money; your money does not control you. Many people let their money situation control their emotions. So when they have money they are happy, and when they don’t have money they are fearful, sad or depressed. Choose your emotional state and feel it regardless of money. For a practical exercise, each day list five things you are grateful for and feel gratitude.
  • Take control of your money situation. Make a list of you income and expenses. You may need to actually track your expenses for a few months to really know what they are. Determine how your cash is flowing. You may have more income than expenses or more expenses than income. Either way, to feel powerful with your money you need to know. Just a reminder: your worthiness is not determined by which way, or how much, your cash flowing.
  • Create a list of things you enjoy doing that could increase your cash flow in the next week. Creating cash flow does not only mean making more money. Cutting expenses will also create increased cash flow. Review your list, and cross out all things that feel heavy. Circle all things that feel fun, exciting or inspiring.
  • Take action on your list above. Number the circled items on the list above and take action in order of importance to you. The key here is to take action!
  • Focus forward on what you are creating. Have fun creating a list or vision board of things you want to bring into you life. Don’t worry about the how; just imagine how it will feel when you achieve each one. You are going for all things that feel fun, inspiring, exciting and energizing.
  • Be kind and help your neighbor. This new economy will help us to rediscover no man is an island. Reach out to be kind to a stranger. Help with donations if you have something to spare. Give away what you don’t need. Give in time, love and kindness. Giving a stranger a smile is free, and may be worth a pound of gold to a stranger in need of inspiration. Decide each week what you can do to help someone in need.

Despite any personal challenge we may face, focusing our energy higher collectively will usher in a new renaissance, just as the winter eventually gives way to spring. This renaissance will birth more joyful souls on path with their destiny. I wish you God speed on your journey to economic prosperity and filling the world with the magnificent light of your destiny.

About the Author:

Lorrie has the unique ability to blend her intuitive and spiritual light work with her practical financial knowledge and experience. She is able to bridge material financial abundance with spiritual connection and intuitive consciousness. She used intuition, passion and the principles of the manifesting to attract her husband, redesign her corporate career position on her terms, create an abundant net worth, and discover her lineage and the life of her dreams.

Lorrie knows firsthand that you can change your life and attract everything you desire.
As an intuitive coach, she has helped her clients break through their old barriers and begin living their lives deliberately with joy and passion. Email her with your personal questions at

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