The Journey

Come with me on a wonderful journey. I would like to share this journey especially with you. Why you? Because you are here, reading this article, and I believe nothing is an accident. We are perfect companions to travel together on this journey, because we have come together.

Imagine you and I are wonderful balls of energy, out in the cosmos. We planned that on this day we would come together and remember, for this moment, of our great magnificence. We remember we are all powerful, magnificent children of God, the Divine, the Universe. Close you eyes and imagine how it feels. Do you remember? Go back, way back. Do you remember? Here we go…

What a wonderful world this is! We are truly blessed to be living here on planet earth in this exact moment in time. This time of great change, when the courageous can define the course of the world. On this journey together let’s imagine we are the courageous souls. We are setting out to discover your point of harmony and joy on earth. Feel the power within you and believe, you have the power of the universe at your fingertips.

As children we love adventure! We believe we can do or be anything. We become a ballerina, rock star, Superman or Wonder woman – just because we decide it would be fun. We know we could live the life of our wildest dreams, just because we want to! We do what feels good and make us joyful and happy a lot – until the next thing comes along. The whole point of life was fun! We lived each moment fully, with no limitations of the past, or worry about the future.

Now, imagine, we are back here on earth in our every day lives.

As we get older, we start to lose this ability to experience life as it is – and we start to project our thoughts on how it was in the past, and worry about how something bad could happen and we need to be prepared.

We are living everyday, in our reality of going to work, balancing finances, and being responsible. Responsible and practical is becoming more predominant than fun and joy.
As more time goes by and we get older – we get further from this feeling of power and connection to the universe. Many people dream of increasing their financial abundance – mostly because, increasing their financial resources will free up time for them to have fun again and feel the joy of living.

The point of harmony is when we can merge these 2 lives into one experience.

How do we do this? I believe the answer lies uniquely in each one of us. We can find our way back home to our magnificent, joy-filled child like spirit. The ‘thing’ is- we can only do it in this moment. This moment is all we truly have. In each moment we can choose to be joy-filled, or not. It is not the circumstances surrounding us that dictate this. It is our attitude toward these circumstances, which dictate how we will interpret them. From this interpretation we select our emotional response. We can choose to be positive or negative. We can choose to see the world as “on our side” or “against us”.

Today I invite you to join me in rediscovering the bright ball of loving and joyful energy that you truly are – and share it with others!

Today, do something, or think of something and be happy.

Today, smile at a stranger.

Today, tell someone you love them.

Today, write down 5 things for which you are grateful.

Today, thank someone and tell them how much you appreciate them.

By our actions we choose to spread sunshine or rain. We can choose to be joyful, positive and happy or we can choose to be mad at the economy and “tune-out” watching TV (and not really living).

Choose carefully – your life depends on it!

**Keep positive on your journey, great adventurer! Until we meet again, please know I am cheering you on!**

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