Clearing Clutter

Clearing clutter and filling our spaces with things that bring us joy, increases our energy and quality of life.  Clearing clutter is an important part of living a high vibrational life.

Here are some useful tips for clearing clutter:

  • The opposite of more is enough! Usually most people think the opposite of more is less, which is also true.  I like using the idea of enough, it does not mean you are doing with less, you always have enough.
  • Create a list of specific areas and zones, you want to focus on removing clutter. An area a location that once you tackle it, it will stay relatively clear. A zone is an area where clutter collects often; near the front door, on the kitchen counter or table, on your desk, etc.  A zone will not only need clearing of clutter like all areas; it will also need organizational solutions to help keep the clutter under control.  Clearing both areas and zone start with clearing the clutter, then you can bring in some organizational tools to create a system after the clutter is cleared.
  • Chunk the area down into a project that you can fully complete in the time you allotted. So rather than making the goal to clear out a whole room, the goal may be to clear off a bookshelf or organize a dresser.
  • Get items to discard or donate out of the house. Take the right into the car to drop off at the donation location or into the recycle or trash can.
  • Keep updating your list. Remove the completed areas and rotate your zones.
  • Clearing clutter can be like laundry. You are never done. . . if you keep bringing items into your space.  Be ever vigilant and thoughtful about bringing items into your space.  Consistency with clearing clutter is key.  Tackle smaller projects often and on weeks when you can amp it up – do so!  Schedule time weekly to work your list.
  • Keep your spirits up! Have fun with it!  Listen to uplifting music, think of all the energy you are freeing in your life, and know you are making room for good things to come to you!

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