Raise your Happiness in 2019

Are you still full of excitement and hope of the dreams waiting to be fulfilled in 2019? Increasing happiness levels is a common resolution we set for the New Year.  Here are a few daily action steps you can take to lead you down the path toward more happiness.

Each day, make a commitment to one or all of these:

1. Laugh out loud. Laughing is good for your body and soul. Watch your favorite comedy movies or videos to start laughing and lift your spirits. One of my goals everyday is to have one good laugh – Jimmy Fallon or Kevin Hart usually works for me!

2. Learn something new. Being a life long learner is a trait of happiness. Even a few minutes of learning something new expands your mind and happiness levels.

3. Love with all your heart. Love someone, or something with all your heart. Love your significant other, family, pets and most importantly love yourself with all your heart.

4. Listen more than you speak. Nothing more need be said about this one!

5. Praise others over yourself. Giving another praise can lift their spirit. Be generous with praise, and spread the joy!

6. Declutter/organize one thing in your life. Clearing clutter and organizing our living space really increases happiness. Doing this for just 20 minutes a day, will enhance the energy of your space.

7. Lift up someone who needs it. My daily prayer is, “To be an angel on earth for someone today”. I’ve helped people with carrying their groceries, returning their carts, giving genuine compliments, etc.

8. Let go of what is holding you back. Be courageous and move forward.

9. Be active. Get moving. Walk, exercise, dance and move your body.

10. Live fully. Create this intention for yourself each day. To be the most you can be in every situation is the ‘sweet point’ of every day.

Make each day count toward your collective success. Before you know it, you will be feeling increased happiness and satisfaction, and at the end of the year admiring your successes!  This year will be coming to a close and you will be ready for some shiny new challenges for the next New Year to come!

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