Courageous Choices in Challenging Times

We are truly entering a new era in which energy alignment will more strongly affect your physical reality.  This shutdown is a ‘reset’ – to realize what and who is important to you. 

Take this time to know what matters; make choices in our life. Choose deliberately the life you desire.    

A courageous choice we can all make is choosing happiness and positivity despite whatever is going on with you and around you.  We all know there is so much going on, yet the impact to each individual is unique.  In what area are you being impacted the most?  This could be the area in your life in which the energy is trying to shift the most.

Exercise 1:  Do an emotional and brain dump.

On a blank piece of paper write down everything you think and feel about the subject you want to shift.

Take time with this and go deep. 

Once you have done this notice the patterns that don’t serve you and decide you will break the pattern.  Make the change – decide what change you want to bring in and feel it, BE it.  Notice any patterns that feel good and go toward this new pattern. 

Every time you have the old patterned thought or feeling, stop and replace it with the new pattern.

Take action in the direction of positive emotion.

Exercise 2:  This is a great time for you to build courageous habits.

1- Connect with your intuition. Supercharge your intuition with mindfulness, sitting in silence, and daily meditation

2- Be conscious of your words, thoughts, beliefs = energy. Your current beliefs will determine if your words and thoughts will manifest at this time.

3- Be in the now.  Be present with whatever you are doing now. 

4- Have gratitude.  Feel and be grateful for your blessings.

5- Focus forward.  Visualize daily the ideal life you are building.

A quick reminder: Living an inspired, purpose driven life does not mean living a life without hardship.  It means courageously carrying on despite hardship. 

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To your best life!


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